The growing HR hemisphere has made countless tools available to businesses.  We’re compiling a scaling list of useful and cost-effective resources and welcome comments and feedback to continuously improve the insights we share with the group.


  • Healthiest You – 24/7 on-demand healthcare, with cost comparison and tracking tools
  • Happy – 24/7 on-demand support for emotional well-being
  • Aaptiv – fitness app with on-demand personal trainer in your ear
  • Total Wellness – onsite wellness services and employee wellness platform
  • Exubrancy – Onsite wellness education, fitness, meditation and massage
  • Parsley Health – Holistic approach to concierge medicine
  • HealthKick – Wellness platform providing discounts to a plethora of services and products

Financial Wellness Services:

Insurance & Benefits Services:

  • Policy Genius – individual insurance policies for life, disability, pet, auto, etc. plans
  • MBL Benefits Consulting full service benefits consultancy providing employee benefits, as well as commercial and personal property & casualty insurance solutions.
  • HealthJoy – concierge service for employees to enhance experience and make better financial decisions about their healthcare
  • Alex – Supportive technology for employee benefits elections and enrollment

Employee Engagement:

  • Stand-Out – Alignment tools that effects engagement where it happens – through the team leader
  • BlueBoard – Employee recognition and rewards platform
  • Typeform – Templated and customizable forms and surveys
  • Culture Amp – Employee feedback and analytics platform
  • Saba – Pulse surveys, collaboration, recognition

Family Planning Benefits:

  • Parental Leave Policies – Shared google doc with various parental leave policies
  • Lucy – Employee support for the transition to parenthood and back to work
  • Carrot – Customized fertility benefits
  • Mindr – “TED Talks of the parenting world”
  • Celmatix – Genetic tests for reproductive health
  • LittleSpoon – Fresh baby food for the first 1,000 days
  • Maven – Specialized suite of services focused on women and the stages of family planning

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS):

  • Greenhouse – Applicant tracking and recruiting solution
  • Lever – Recruiting CRM and applicant tracking

Project Management:

  • Cage Project management and collaborative software tool for designers, agencies, and teams to share their creative work.
  • Teamweek – Stay on top of what each team member is doing and where they are with regards to deadlines.