The Post’d People Group is now TroopHR

Today, with great excitement and enthusiasm, I am proud to unveil TroopHR, the rebrand and relaunch of the Post’d People Group, an HR network with thousands of HR professionals across the country.

I started Post’d in a small Soho loft back in 2013 with the simple goal of bringing People Professionals together.

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to reflect on what matters most to our profession through conversations with leaders in the field. The culmination of those conversations, a decade plus of HR experience, and over 20 years as a woman in the workplace have led to a bigger vision.

Thank you to the countless members who have made invaluable contributions to the network over the year.

Special thanks to Marjorie Ajero, VP People Feedback Loop, Cindy Gordon, Fmr CPO Policygenius, Luck Dookchitra, VP People, Teachable, Keryn Koch, VP People Commonbond, Stephanie Fogle, Managing Director, NY People Leaders Jill Katz, Founder, AssembleHR, Cory Stern, Head of People, Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson Surgical, Harris Mufson, Partner, Proskauer, and the many other HR execs that participated in interviews and brainstorming sessions, whose feedback helped us to relaunch as TroopHR.

Moving forward TroopHR will be invite-only but all Post’d members will always have a place in the community. The world needs strategic, empathic leadership more than ever so we’re launching TroopHR to empower People Professionals to drive change and maximize their impact as employees and leaders.

What it means to be part of the Troop:

  • Weekly workshops, speakers, and content designed to help People professionals excel in their careers with real-world examples and actionable insights
  • Exclusive content from notable speakers like Kim Scott, Gretchen Carlson, and Lisa Koonin, the former Deputy Director of the CDC
  • Regular networking events, presentations, and team-building activities with TroopHR members
  • Curated HR resources and job referral network
  • A new supportive community forum where members can collaborate with peers, share resources, ideas, and opportunities

TroopHR brings members key learnings and hard-earned insights from experienced professionals so members can help steer their organizations to success, advance their careers, and excel as leaders.

Whether you’re a leader, learner, or both, the support, guidance and answers are all within TroopHR.


Elevate your career and learn alongside and network with the best minds in HR! Please contact us at with any questions about becoming a member.

Tracy Avin
Founder & TroopHR Member

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