Reflecting on 2020 in the People Space

Our final newsletter of 2020 is dedicated to reflecting on what we have learned about the People Professional community this year.  As a group of leaders, they stand behind each other and give meaning to #strongertogether. And it certainly has been a year for supporting, collaborating and helping one another.

As the great leader Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, ““The ultimate measure of a (wo/)man is not where (s)/he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where (s)/he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

2020 has certainly been a time of challenge and controversy. It seems like overstating the obvious but a quick recap of the impact in the workplace:

  • COVID-19 Impact in the Workplace
    • Furloughs and lay-offs
    • Remote work
    • Employment law mandates and revisions
    • Emotional/Physical well-being of employees
      • Coping with sickness
      • Coping with death
    • Childcare and education of children
  • Rise of #BLM Impact in the Workplace
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging in the workplace as part of the culture
    • Emotional well-being of employees
    • Building a communicative organization
  • Highly Politically Charged Presidential Election
    • Emotional well-being of employees

So, in calling out the challenges and controversy, it seems only fair to call out the leaders and contributors making a positive impact in the workplace:

  • Harris Mufson & the Proskaur Team – Harris is a Partner at Proskauer and as part of their employment law team helped to spear-head their COVID relief task force.  He offered countless pro bono hours to guide HR teams with critical updates to legislation, support with the application of evolving employment law and provided general support during times of uncertainty.
  • Cristina Guerra & the MBL Team – Cristina is the Wellness Coordinator at MBL Benefits, and in her free time helps to run a not-for-profit that supports the mental health of first responders (EMTs, police, fire, etc.).  Long before zoom fatigue set in, Cristina recognized the need to provide support for the emotional well-being of employees and started a twice weekly stretching and meditation session for employees. Along with the MBL Team they devoted countless time to supporting employers in ensuring programs were in place to address the emotional well-being of employees.
  • Toby Hervey, Sarah Sheehan & the Bravely Team – As co-founders of Bravely, Toby and Sarah have dedicated their profession to confidential coaching that unlocks the potential of employees. Their programs have helped to make conversations around DEI&B effective and actionable.  Their services provide an outlet for employees to have a safe space for their concerns and to address their emotional well-being.
  • Jill Katz & the AssembleHR Team – As a leader in workplace humanity, Jill and her team have provided countless coaching sessions and events to support care and kindness in the workplace and to help tackle difficult conversations with employees. 
  • Post’d People Group – There are immeasurable people professionals within the Post’d People community who have contributed to the growth of the network, countless shared resources and the inspiration of people professionals. We are grateful to the network for the leadership and impact to the HR community and beyond.

As we look to the future, we stand ready for growth, development and of course some adversity that we will overcome together. #strongertogether #tohealthandhappiness

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