Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

The past year has brought to light the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace. Emotional well-being impacts the way we think and interact with others, as well as our professional and personal productivity.

Working from home can be quite isolating for some, and hectic and overwhelming for others.  Making sure employees are engaged in social relationships, whether professionally or personally will ensure that they are keeping up with their emotional well-being. 

Below we provide some ideas to help prioritize mental health in your organization:

  • Mental health breaks – 10 minutes of meditation or yoga or stretching incorporated into the workday
  • Mental health services – On-demand services for your employees, HealthJoy provides a great add-on service, EAPs are another option
  • Mental health subscriptions – Offer wellness benefits to employees such as Talkspace, Calm, Headspace
  • Take Action – Employers need to offer guidance and provide support to any employee who is showing signs of an emotional wellbeing issue. Coaching Managers – not to be confused with providing therapy or professional consult, notice the signs of someone who is stressed, anxious or depressed
  • Workplace outlets – Create platforms for employees to express themselves, some examples include Employee Resource Groups and one-on-ones with managers and direct reports.
  • Promote awareness – Make your employees comfortable with the idea that your organization supports emotional well-being and has a safe space/open door policy. 

Employees are more loyal to an employer who cares about their mental health.  This in turn keeps them motivated and engaged in their work.

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