Improving Experience Through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Building a diverse and inclusive organization starts with creating a culture that embraces and celebrates people’s differences. Investing in employee resource groups (ERGs) is a great way to give your employees a voice, for them to meet and connect with others in their organization and to provide an additional sense of belonging. 

ERGs give employees a forum to meet like-minded people, raise awareness on key issues, and share their culture and values. According to Bloomberg, companies with dedicated ERGs have reduced turnover rates, increased performance on goals, and increased productivity. ERGs can also add values to your company’s recruitment process and employer branding efforts. 

There are many other options for building Employee Resource Groups, most important the ERG must define the value proposition for its existence and how performance will be measured and monitored.  Many teams turn to slack and create private channels as the communication platform for their ERG’s. 

Below are a some tips to help guide your employees to building the most effective ERGs:

1. ERGs should build a sense of community in the workplace  for employees to meet and get to know their coworkers outside of their day-to-day teams.
2. To be effective an ERG must be able to define and cultivate strategic relationships internally and externally.  They should have goals and strategies to attain those goals.
3. ERGs should create a safe space for all employees and promote inclusion and belonging. 
4. Provide leadership and development opportunities

While employer resource groups run the gamet, ERGs supporting working parents are widely popular across companies of all industries. Working parenthood is a challenge, and while the corporate benefits that support them usually end after leave, the issues that working parents face certainly do not. Parenthood, unlike being an employee, are roles most adults assume without training, education, or practical experience and can leave many employees drained and distracted. 

Employee Resource Groups and even online forums have a been a popular place for people to turn to to connect on every topic under the sun, affording people the opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests, concerns, questions, and experiences as a way to feel heard and supported. But, often times depending on the topic, employees don’t want to share their personal lives with other employees, or let colleagues and co-workers know some of their personal child-related struggles. They prefer to keep work and life separate. Many may turn to online online forums to get answers and feel heard but those online forums can also come with internet trolls, not-so-user friendly discussion board layouts and internet rabbit holes, leaving employees feeling more overwhelmed, confused and stressed than before.

We had a chance to speak with Kunik founders Liz and Josh, who are helping change the way employers implement ERGs and how they support the parents in their workforce. Now, your working parents can connect with other working parents who understand their struggle in an online forum. With colleague, peer, and expert support, your employees have the opportunity to become more confident, productive and engaged than ever.  Kunik’s community is designed for the modern working parent. It’s a place to participate in conversations at the intersection of work and parenting, with other working parents. 

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