Getting Ahead of the Holiday Mayhem

The holidays are supposed to be a whimsical and pleasant time, however, the reality is they can be quite stressful and worrisome for many.  From the extra expenses associated with gift giving to juggling family needs they often leave a foreboding feeling, rather than the supposed magical ones they are supposed to instill.  And this is not just in a personal setting, but professional one as well.  End of the year deadlines, budget setting, bonuses, there are many concerns that can overwhelm.

So, the first step…to be realistic!

As with anything, take each moment and compartmentalize to avoid the feeling of being inundated with responsibilities.

Below we provide some tips to getting through the holiday season while taking back control and creating your own magical time for the season.

Keep things as normal as possible – For some reason during vacations and holidays we have a tendency to let ourselves go, but there’s no rule that says we can’t keep our health routines in place when we’re relaxing.  For example – continue with your regular exercise (or if you don’t exercise, now’s the perfect time to fit it in your schedule), and maybe indulge with your eating but don’t let it all go.

Do something for others in need – Whether it’s donating a toy to a local organization supporting children or to your local Goodwill location, or donating your time at a local soup children, often when you help others it helps yourself too.

Reach out to others – It’s quite possible that friends and colleagues may also be feeling the stress of the holidays.  Simply sending a text letting others know you’re thinking of them will bring a smile to their face and their reply to yours.

Minimize sugar and alcohol intake – As mentioned earlier, the holidays seem like a time to indulge, however, sugar and alcohol can actually add to depression and holiday blues.  Try to moderate your intake of these potential evils. Remember healthy is happy.

Avoid New Year’s Resolutions – Although the start of the new year seems like a great time to make your resolutions, holiday pledges often wind up by the wayside.  Instead try to make daily changes in your life and set realistic goals for yourself.  Change takes time so embrace it and commit on your own schedule and you will find greater success.

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