The Importance of Workplace Education & Development

Training and development programs offer companies an opportunity to expand the knowledge employees while building commitment to the organization.  There are a multitude of offerings to enhance L&D initiatives including training/coaching programs, mentoring, individual studies and on-the-job learning from managers and leadership.

Learning & Development Survey Results:

In early September of this year we surveyed members of the Post’d Network and collaborated with Seed + Branch on their research on the importance of “Learning & Development” in organizations.  Following are the results and learnings.

The survey respondents were largely HR/People Generalists with 10+ years of experience, with the majority representing growth stage organizations with 100+ employees.

  • Individuals were generally satisfied in their roles and felt there could be improvements with
    increased resources and budgets (majority scoring between 4 & 7 on lack of budget)
  • Majority said the company prioritizes L&D, but felt that L&D would be their top investment if money weren’t an object (money was the top reason for lack of investment)
  • Mid-Level Managers were least supported, but Senior to Upper Management were most critical to success
  • Major challenges were: Retention, L&D, Processes & Specifically Soft Skill Development
  • Most Important Topics: Goal and Role Clarity followed by Communication

Top 5 areas for Manager to Improve:

  • Communication & Feedback
  • Professional Development
  • Goal/Priority Alignment
  • Job / Role Clarity
  • Career Path
Whether your company has a robust budget or none at all there are solutions to fit diverse organizational needs and the benefits are clear:
  • Improved employee performance and productivity
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Increased innovation and strategic planning
  • Increased retention
  • Enhanced company reputation
Seed + Branch specializes in helping growth stage companies succeed through strategy and leadership consultancy.  You can reach out to them here for more information on how they can support your L&D initiatives.

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