Employee Recognition – Celebrating Success of Your Team

Employee recognition is one of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to improve engagement and job satisfaction.  Most people may take a new position because of the financial compensation but that’s not what will keep them with the company. And 40% of employed Americans say they’d put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often, which leads to increased productivity and ultimately corporate success. (HBR, 2016)

Employee appreciation can come in many different forms but it should make your team feel respected, valued and cared about.  Many times this starts with leadership and management, but also is important to build a culture of kindness amongst all employees.  Stronger social connections in the workplace can be formed by colleagues who recognize their peers.

Below we’ve listed “5 Ways to Recognize Your Employees”.  This list can go on for days but we thought this would give you a good start to brainstorming how best to reward your team.

1. Start with a Survey – What you believe your employees want and what they actually do may be two different things.  Ask your employees how they want to be recognized.  You can certainly provide some ideas such as gift cards, extra PTO, shout-out on social media, etc.  But start by seeing what’s most important your team.

2. Gamify Employee Recognition – There are many gamification programs in the world of employee recognition, however, KazooHR, an app that allows employees to earn “gold” from their colleagues for doing a good job at work.  Employees then have the ability to cash in their “gold” for real-life prizes like Amazon gift cards.

3. Branded Team Rewards Platforms – Sometimes communicating success amongst team members is the best recognition of all.  HighFive allows companies to offer custom recognition, simply a “high five” on your Slack Channel for a job well done or you have the option to send along a reward as well.

4. Celebrate Your Team – Set goals with your employees and when the attain them celebrate with a team happy hour or dinner.  Some times kicking back with your colleagues presents a fresh perspective on working together and your employees will feel appreciated for their efforts.

5. Make It Personal – A custom gift based on an employees personal interests will go a long way in the “caring about your employees” department.  This does not mean the gift has to have a hefty price tag.  If your employees enjoy art, send them to a “sip and paint party”.  Or if your employees enjoy baseball, send them to a game.  There’s lots of options, but the key is getting to know what’s important to your employees.

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