Winter Wellness – Keeping Employees Energized

Dark skies, howling wind, bitter cold….sounds like the opening for the perfect excuse to stay in bed, and if you do muster the strength to rise up find yourself sluggish at best.  Its quite possible your employees feel the same way.  But in truth its all how you frame it.  Think about this…. Glistening sun, fresh breeze, crisp cold air.  A little better, right?

The passing of the holidays, shorter days of sunshine and cold winter months ahead doesn’t mean your employees’ energy levels and engagement has to decline.   Although in general people can be affected by the daylight cycle, ie – seasonal affective disorder, there are some quick strategies to help employees overcome the winter blues.

Below we share 5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Energized in the Winter:

1. Encourage Healthy Eating – Depending on your budget you can host a weekly or monthly healthy breakfast or lunch.  Foods such as salmon (high in omega-3 fatty acids) and eggs (high in Vitamin D) are especially beneficial for your health.  Also, remind employees to drink plenty of fluids too, water consumption tends to decline in the winter.  Quick tip – host a “tea club” to encourage healthy drinking, where each participating employee brings in a new tea flavor on a weekly basis, green tea especially has immune-boosting benefits.

2. Inspire New Fitness Routines – With the start of the new year many gyms and exercise studios are running “new year new you” promotions.  Tell employees to take advantage of these opportunities to kick off a new fitness routine.  If you have a wellness budget companies like Exubrancy even offer onsite fitness and yoga classes where you bring the exercise to your team.

3. Fight off Cold & Flu Season – Staying healthy definitely makes you happier.  Remind employees to wash their hands (distributing hand sanitizer in the office is also a great option).  Recommend employees keep natural remedies close by – Vitamin C (Emergen-C or Cold-Eeze), Zinc, Echinacea and Oil of oregano are all great choices, but be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist for the best options for you to ward off illnesses.

4. Catch Some Rays – There’s nothing like some fresh sunshine to refresh and inspire your mind.  Despite the cold weather encourage employees to take a brisk walk outside to get some fresh air (dressing appropriately for the weather of course).

5. Encourage Mindfulness for Emotional Well-Being – There are a plethora of free and low-cost apps and podcasts available that support mindfulness.  Here are some samples to get you started:  Apps – CalmHeadspaceSimple Habit,  Podcasts – 10% HappierUntangleLive Awake.

Whatever your strategy inspiring employees through wellness strategies will help keep them engaged while keeping them healthier.  And as we said earlier, healthy is happy!

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