Your End-of-Year HR Checklist

Planning for the end of the year can seem daunting.  However, with some organization finishing out the year strong is a great way to set yourself up for success for the year to come. 

December is the perfect time for cleaning up departmental issues, unresolved employee matters and personal workspace.  Avoid procrastination and getting started will streamline the process for you.

Below we have provided a checklist for getting you ready for HR in the New Year:

  • Payroll
    • Schedule and issue end of year bonuses
    • Order W2s and 1099s
    • Confirm new year payroll
      • Review employee tax and withholding information
      • Review employee salaries (adjust for annual increases)
  • Benefits
    • Finalize open enrollment (if your plan year starts Jan 1)
    • Prepare for reporting to the IRS
      • Submit filings under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), etc.
    • Ensure proper end of year PTO carryover
  • Performance Reviews
    • Review annual performance
    • Set up schedule for new year reviews and goals
    • Coordinate employee/manager end of year check-ins
  • Compliance
    • Distribute annual notices to employees
      • Health insurance, ERISA, Medicare, etc.
    • Review any new local, state and federal laws that have been enacted
      • Anti-harassment trainings, employee leave, etc.
  • Road-Map for Next Year
    • Resource planning with your finance team and department heads
      • Budgeting, equipment, office space, technology, etc.
    • Evaluate department and company-wide staffing needs and updated job descriptions
    • Distribute holiday calendars for next year
  • Recharge & Reset!!

Finding balance is not easy during the “busy season” but with proper planning and support it is more than feasible.  Enjoy this holiday season the healthy way!

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