5 Tools to Organize Your Team

Just as Marketing, Sales and Operations use platforms to organize their workflow- so should Human Resources. The People Team provides employee communications, support and service, amongst many other functions, and having workflow systems to help implement initiatives seamlessly is important.

In previous posts we have discussed, employer branding, thinking like a product manager, and how HR can implement marketing tactics.  Here we share 5 tools to help your team stay organized and improve your workflow:

1. Monday.com – While Monday.com is commonly used for product management, the functionality can certainly be applied to HR tasks and projects. Create an overall task, assign a lead, set a status, priority, and develop a timeline for the project to be completed. This is a great flow to use for an overall roadmap to plan out the projects to accomplish during the year.

2. Asana– For project management and collaboration, Asana is a great tool to collaborate with your team or keep track of your work and tasks. Acting as a checklist with far more capabilities, Asana gives you the ability to create different lists, assign tasks, keep track of progress, take notes, and upload documents necessary for projects.

3. Trello– Keep those sticky-note to-dos in a digitally organized board. Whether to use for personal task management or team collaboration, Trello gives you the ultimate satisfaction of checking off your to-do’s. Trello’s platform creates a list of tasks, or “cards” in individual boards to help you stay on track with smaller tasks needed to be accomplished for an overall objective or goal.

4. Airtable– Organize projects, ideas, and other information. Airtable appears as a spreadsheet, but with more powerful data capabilities. In the spreads function for businesses, you can add links, long notes, status updates, and drop-downs. Instead of seeing projects in a grid, you can view them in a gallery, calendar, or even embed items. Creating forms is another capability which allows data to flow seamlessly into Airtable. The stream of data and constant updates across all users can allow easy access to data for employee reports, collection on benefits/engagement, or even help you develop policies by collaborating with other key stakeholders.

5. Evernote– Evernote can act as a space for all of your team’s work, by allowing everyone to be on the same page through a collections of articles, thoughts and notes. Having your team collaborate in one space allows for effortless organization and information sharing. Have your team stay on track by seeing the bigger picture of objectives. Or use for personal growth by “clipping” and collecting important notes and articles related to initiatives you are looking to roll out.

Staying organized is key to accomplishing your objectives and hitting key metrics. Having a digital tool to help you and your team stay on task is essential.  These tools will allow processes to flow better, freeing your time to think about the larger goals at hand.

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