5 Tools for Well-Being in the Workplace

80% of employees report that workplace stress affected their personal relationships and 35% said they “always” miss 3-5 days of work a month due to workplace stress. 1 in 5 adults will experience a diagnosable mental illness in any given year and, of those, more than half will go untreated.

However, more than 80% of employees treated for mental illness report improved levels of work efficacy and satisfaction. Once an employee starts to receive treatment, the tables turn. Businesses begin to see lower medical costs, increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and decreased disability expenses.  The bottom line, addressing mental health in the workplace is not only good for your business but your people too! 

In today’s day and age finding a mental health provider can be challenging- especially one that is in-network with your insurance carrier. To help alleviate the stress of finding a provider for your employees, consider a digital solution.

Here are 5 digital tools that can help address mental health in your organization:

1. Ginger.io– Ginger.io provides a nation-wide mental health platform that allows employees to connect with a mental health provider via their mobile device. Ginger.io offers two-tiers- one for therapy sessions and an additional tier for psychiatry. Employees start on a path with a coach and then once their issue(s) are identified are connected with a professional to assist them in the best manner.

2. Spring- Spring provides a connection with a mental health provider in less than 2 days as well as care navigation depending on the need of the individual. Spring connects users with therapists, and physiatrists if needed.  They can also work with a primary care physician depending on the course of treatment. However, in most cases, Spring uses 8-10 visits to tackle the issue(s) affecting the individual.

3. TalkSpace While both a consumer and business app, Talkspace provides streamlined on-demand access to a therapist. Talkspace offers a chat service as well as a video messaging feature. The business offering allows for employees to have unlimited confidential messaging with vetted and experienced therapists.

4. Headspace- Combining science and meditation, Headspace offers research-based meditation journeys to help address anxiety, stress, and overall mental health. The app provides guided meditation- for beginners to novices, Headspace offers a place to clear your mind. Headspace offers corporate memberships for you to provide to your employees and has great case studies on how meditation has helped mental health in the workplace.

5. Pacifica– A combination of “headspace and a journaling tool”, Pacifica provides guided meditation tracks based on goals, provides a place to journal and track progress, and even allows for individuals to connect with their mental health provider for a holistic perspective on your journey.

Talking about mental health isn’t easy for anyone, but as the people team, it’s important to break the stigma. By offering your employees and easy to use platform to help them address their stressor or mental health issues is a game-changer in the workforce. Happy employees make a happy office.

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