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People Spotlight:  Joy Young, Director of Human Capital, MoneyLion

Investing in your employees and employee experience is essential to improve happiness and retention. As a fin-tech startup, how do you achieve results with a limited portfolio?

Meet Joy Young, the Director of Human Capital Management at MoneyLion.

Joy started her HR career in recruitment and onboarding at a staffing agency. From there she went on to become a Recruiter and eventually HR Manager at LQ Management LLC. Following this role she joined a small startup focusing on underwater security. It was there she learned about the immigration side of HR and building out an HR function. Taking a leap with her career she moved on to join Lloyds Banking Group where she refined her skills with onboarding strategies, immigration, and building out an intern program.  Joy moved on to become an HRBP at Memorial Sloan-Kettering where she focused on employee relations and process improvements for her client groups.  Recognizing the importance of employee engagement and the impact she could have in a senior people role, three years later, Joy found herself back in the financial sector as Director, Human Capital Management at MoneyLion.  It is in this role where she has been working to build out the HR function and improve the employee experience.

Joy has had previous experience building an HR function from the ground up. In today’s competitive market, it is important to be resourceful when you are supporting nearly 200 employees.

Whether at a startup or established company, it is essential highlight what sets you apart from the competition and emphasize it over and over again.

While being competitive can mean offering a good salary, there are also other benefits to consider. When Joy first joined MoneyLion, she knew she wanted to create a benefits and perks program to engage employees and not just traditional things such as healthcare and PTO.  She looked at different vendors such Lets Go Lewis that would provide employee with credits to use for organized outdoor experiences at state parks in the New York area.

Financial wellness is a growing trend in the workplace and this is at the core of what MoneyLion does. Joy rolled out a 401K in June 2018 for the company, and employees already benefit from some of MoneyLion’s products to further help them achieve their financial goals.

Joy prides herself on her providing a great employee experience and providing excellent service  to her employees so they can focus on providing an amazing customer experience to MoneyLion’s customers.

As a last piece of advice that Joy has taken with her throughout her career…

Don’t take anything personal. To be successful in HR, you need thick skin and to have the ability to remind yourself that “this too shall pass”. Find your balance and learn when to say no – people will respect you for it.


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